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this last week has been kinda crazy. well not really kinda. let's start with the fact that one of my dogs died. you reading this is probably going to think me saying like that is a bit insensitive, but at this point i would rather just face the facts than wallow in my own ignorance and grief. secondly, i've been on a photography roll and i plan to add some more photos in the coming future. thirdly, i've been mapping out my plans for the pizzicato five site so if there's not much going on here, check over there.

some music i'm digging right now:
* physical - dua lipa
* concerto - pizzicato five
* bounce (feat. kyary pamyu pamyu) - charli xcx


hey. fun fact about me is that i have terrible vision. and today i got new glasses. and now i can see. feeling kinda dizzy.

some music i'm digging right now:
* about a girl - cibo matto
* big time sensuality (big time club mix) - björk
* rise and shine - the cardigans
* cloud aura (feat. brooke candy) - charli xcx


happy very late 2020. i've been busy with my personal life so i haven't really checked up on here lol. i also stopped working on reconstructing the website since my last blog post (which was sometime in early november) but one of my personal goals this year is at least finishing the site and getting it up. hopefully i will have the motivation to continue tweaking the site, but i'm gonna start with just getting it up.

some music i'm digging right now:
* technova (la em copacabana) - towa tei
* elastic girl - kahimi karie
* i am a kitten - kahimi karie
* don't call me baby - madison avenue


i took a weekend vacation to visit family and also to procrastinate on work. mostly chatted and i did shop a bit today although it was really more staring at stuff hoping money would spontaneously pop up so i could buy it. riding home listening to blonded radio was an experience and definitely introduced me to new music i'm definitely gonna check out.

some music i'm digging right now:
* optimo - liquid liquid
* caravan - liquid liquid
* mind your own business - delta 5
* moonshake - can
* cayendo (sango remix) - frank ocean
* hot wit u (nasty girl remix) - prince


i deleted the inquiry email i did cause i decided against my decision and i hadn't heard back. back to business baby.

some music i'm digging right now:
* the beautiful ones - prince
* telepathy - pizzicato five (my old website music some time ago)


the new pizzicato five compiliation is honestly kinda disappointing although i'm still happy we got a new release. if i have time i'll update that site as well. i made an inquiry somewhere about something i'm not gonna reveal yet but whatever i get back from that will determine the future of my site so let's see how that goes. as of typing this, it's still pending. work on the site has been pretty smooth but i did remove the beta version cause of said inquiry and also because i figured out the font kinks that i was trying to figure out.

some music i'm digging right now:
** leafhound - saint etienne
** conchita martinez - saint etienne
** jolly bubbly lovely (cubis tout-jour remix) - pizzicato five


hi. i kinda missed neocities so i'm coming back and completely starting from scratch cause a major reason why i left was because i kinda felt disillusioned with both my site and what neocities was becoming and i lost sight of why i created the site in the first place. so after several on and off revisits i'm just gonna start over with a simple blog post that isn't formatted at all whatsoever. my site turned 2! yay that's pretty fun, although i'm late by 2 months. i don't really know what else to put here so i'll just put what music i'm digging and some links that were on my old page in case you still care about that.

** come home with me baby (deadhouse dub) - dead or alive
** dhl - frank ocean
** who do you think you are - saint etienne
** 1999 / safe and sound (justice prep+ mix) - prince / justice
** can you keep a secret? - hikaru utada
** ice cream meltin' mellow - pizzicato five
** butterfucker - butter 08

you can browse the old site here (warning: links may be broken) & check out my discogs here.

The Curse of the Missing Homework – 02/24/19:

Well, the procrastination caught up to me.

My friends, my parents & my teachers decided to give me a surprise intervention and forced me to get all of the missing work that was piled up done and I've mostly fixed that problem, aside from a stupid literature project that's been late for 2+ weeks that I can't bring myself to finish.

My music taste has been rising & falling, with me being introduced to the amazing singer that's Hikaru Utada, but I've also been diving deeper into my LOONA obsession (not that LOONA's bad, but apparently I'm tasteless for liking them). My social life has turned pretty sour, and I'm honestly just done with school.

But, hey, Pizzicato Five is still great.

oh baby baby i can't sleep - 02/10/19:

(cue music)

Life sucks. We all know this. But it particularly sucks when the 3 aspects of your life start to suck: your family life, your social life & your internal balance. (You could also include your professional work life in the mix, but that could pretty much fit into social or internal in my opinion.) Those have been rising & fluctuating rather quickly the last week...

Oh, also you know that feeling of when you fuck up like really badly, and you know that, and you try to backtrack, but you fail? Yeah, I've been experiencing that. A lot. Speaking of fuck ups, and the word "fuck", I'm probably to increase my use of profanity on here, and if you disagree? Well, fuck off. I'm tired & somewhat depressed, let me cuss.

Stan Pizzicato Five (visit the fansite even though I like barely acknowledge it) & LOONA (they are coming stan buy & stream XX for clear skin).


If you haven't already left Neocities & actually follow me because you like my site & not just to follow a relatively large site on this platform, then you probably know that I left Neocities about a week or 2 ago, and then came back. Then I tried to redo the website and failed because I just didn't have the motivation to do so. I'm officially resigning from this site, because I don't know what to do with this site anymore, yet I still want to finalize it up. I don't want to leave this site, so I'm just keeping the blog, the links section & the archives section. I'm also going to stay active on the Pizzicato Five site, since I still like them, but it will be on & off updates on both here & there. I haven't imported the other posts besides the new ones over here yet, so look at the archives or wait if you want to see the older posts. Also I'll put the about page and the links page here soon, but not yet.

The HTML Blog Is Back – 10/18/18:

School's a bitch. I'm a bitch. Karma's a bitch. This website's a bitch. Everything's a bitch. But at least this blog is not dead, and not on Tumblr anyone...

I redesigned it to look like a notebook, and I tried to make the text match with the lines, but I was too lazy to even try, since I actually succeeded with the background, and I'm surprised that I did succeed with that... so...

School sucks and I'm both refusing and agreeing to do my work since I never turn it in on time, but I still do it, and my teachers are always nice enough to fully grade it, and I really need to fix this problem, and also for once I actually made friends when I moved to a new school and you can see the weird escapades I have on Twitter with them.

I went through some phases that I like to call 1. Tumblr obsessed 2. Cibo Matto obsessed & 3. LOONA obsessed (which I'm currently in at the moment and I'm living for it). HaSeul's my bias, even though there are 4 others up for competition, which in order of how competitive they are: JinSoul (who is my bias wrecker and who I sometimes switch HaSeul with sometimes, even though I always regret it), Olivia Hye, HeeJin & Chuu, and I still love all of them regardless.

I've also started to upload some PRIVATE videos to YouTube of me vlogging and utterly failing.

So that really covers everything that hasn't been explained in previous posts or what I comment on my Neocities wall, so yeah STAN LOONA & STREAM "LET ME IN" by OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JO HASEUL and have an ok day, I guess.


i’m too deep into the pizzicato five hole.

pizzicato five is love. pizzicato five is life.

just kidding.


This is a really quick post that I’m typing on my phone at school and that’s why there’s no header because it always goes to h1 and makes the title as big as the site logo… so anyways, I’m off topic. My site anniversary was yesterday and I’m glad so many people liked that post. Also I’m surprised people have even found the Pizzicato Five site I’ve barely started… so there’s that too. Lastly, since it’s school season I’m definitely not going to update as much as school and real life relationships are my main goal right now, so I’ll update this site every weekend on Saturday or Sunday. When a break comes up, I’ll update then.

whoooooooo…. there’s a whole lot of explaining to do. - 09/15/18:

Ok so I’ve been gone from Neocities for about 2 months, besides making some occasional updates like bug fixes & telling everyone that I’m not dead. This has been because several things kind of snowballing into one thing. It started when I visited family in the US for my birthday, and I spent that week relaxing & not really doing anything. Then I came back and I immediately had to start getting ready for school and I didn’t have any time to update the site besides a post about that week (which was the last post on this blog). Then I started school in a new place because I moved and started making new friends, so I wouldn’t have another mental breakdown (which happened last year). It’s been good so far, and I’ve been making occasional fixes like re-adding the Cool & Good subring because they deprecated the custom look when they added subrings, and the webmaster deleted me from the list. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for my anniversary here on Neocities, which is September 17. I decided that I’m probably going to re-design the site again, but I’m going to keep this layout as an archive, and as I keep re-designing the site, each version will go to the archive. The archives will be hosted on my “potassiumext” account here. Ok, you still there? Good. Ok, so let’s explain what’s been actually happening at school, and the past month. First of all, I’ve become a whole lot more popular than I ever expected to be, which doesn’t mean I’m extremely popular, just not hated enough to be an outcast, which is good enough for me. I will probably mention them a few times at least. One of these friends is obsessed with BTS and has attempted to get me to like them. I liked DNA & Fake Love and that was really it, and I admitted they were hot. Also I’m back into Pizzicato Five and I’m downloading all of the stuff I can find by them onto my computer so I can have it for myself, instead of just playing from YouTube. Anyways I’ve blabbered enough.

the birthday vacation. - 08/13/18:

Sorry for the hiatus. I was visiting family for my birthday, so I was focusing on that rather than Neocities, but I’m back and I have some tea to spill. (I just like saying that.) Basically I played Trivial Pursuit with my grandma & my aunt for 5 hours straight, swam, got a couple records, read Shakespeare & finally realized what was happening in Game of Thrones. I also today made an 89-song long playlist of nostalgic songs (most are top 40 hits from 2009-2012) and I don’t even like pop music, besides this incredibly long playlist & Kylie Minogue (and a few extra songs). Not exactly sure what I’m going to do next besides removing the audio, because it’s kinda annoying to deal with & actually starting work on the art section.

the wonderful world of new wave (and synthpop and alternative dance). - 08/03/18:

So my musical tastes have taken me to new places lately. I’ve discovered that Dead or Alive (the band that made You Spin Me Round) is actually pretty decent & that Youthquake is a pretty banger album. I’ve also delved pretty far into The B-52′s (personal favorites are Wild Planet & Whammy!). Also my birthday is coming up, so there’s that too.

i accidentally became youtube “famous”. - 07/29/18:

Back in 2012 (or 2013 I’m not completely sure), I uploaded a video of a spinning firework that I uploaded on an old friend’s channel when we were visiting them for the 4th of July. This video now has 11K views.

[insert youtube video]

The world is now broken.

the weird side of the internet. – 07/25/18:

So I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Both creatively & just internally. And I started looking up … er, awkward topics on the internet. Backstory – whenever I’m really bored, I usually retreat to this little world in my head where everything goes right and whatnot. I’m not going to go too into detail about it because it’s very, very embarrassing, but I’ll just say that it involves a lot of robots (no it’s not sexual for all of you perverts out there). So because 1. It was 3 am and I was tired, but still didn’t want to sleep yet, 2. Because I was bored, 3. Because I’m curious. So I looked up a bunch of stuff and got hooked. Then I started comparing myself to the stuff I looked up & got hooked deeper. Then today I kinda realized that this isn’t right & I’ve gone cold turkey now. Sorry if this is way too vague, but I’m not comfortable with giving all of the details, yet I feel like I should post it anyways. Also this has nothing to do with self-harm, anything NSFW or drugs. Just a phase of chronic curiousness & “who am I?” identity quests. Assume the rest if you will.

(not) voguing & social awkwardness. – 07/19/18:

So I (attempted) to join Hyperlink only to regret it because I’m a socially awkward… uh. Also I was voguing (both wrong & horribly) to Tout Va Bien by Pizzicato Five.

fly infestation. – 07/14/18:

So my family has moved to a new house & it is infested with houseflies. Yeah.

(insert title here.) – 07/13/18:

Hi. So I’m just going to continue on with my site even though I’m too lazy to repair my hard drive. I’m probably going to get a new computer since my current one sucks. I’ve been drowning myself in The Beatles & I discovered authentic shibuya-kei (Cibo Matto is too American, apparently) & it’s amazing… so yeah. Hi, again.

new house. – 06/30/18:

Hi, welcome to the first post on this blog using the new layout.

(Future Edit: As of 11/03/19, this is the only post on this blog to use this layout.)

I haven’t done much besides check out our new house (we’re currently moving) so there’s that.
Photo of the Day: View of the Kremlin in Kazan, Russia (link)

Word of the Day: lambaste (link)

Fact of the Day: Spilarctia vulgaris is a moth in the family Erebidae. It was described by Rob de Vos and Daawia Suhartawan in 2011. It is found in New Guinea. (link)

Current Fav Thing: Honestly my current favorite thing right now is Tumblr and I don’t know why but it is…

To Do List for Tomorrow: (not sure what to put here)

quick thoughts. – 06/29/18:

I’m typing this on my TV, so I can’t say much. Because of this, I will simply repeat a wise quote from a timeless song. “I’m Roxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear.” You’re welcome.

(Future Edit: Some context, for some reason I couldn't access my computer at this time so I decided to type in a RuPaul's Drag Race meme lol.)

the 28th of june. – 06/28/18:

I’m going to start writing my blog posts in a newsletter type fashion to both spice it up, and so I have a reason to blog. The order will go like this.

Intro / Current Thoughts On My Mind

Photo of the Day (taken from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons)

Stuff That Happened With Me Today

Quote of the Day (taken from Wikiquote)

Weekly Rotations (which I will figure out sooner or later, but it’s going to be a different thing each day of the week, the weekend counting as one day)

Stuff I Plan To Do Tomorrow (& optional outro)

I’m not going to do it today, so I can kinda figure what to actually do with that Weekly Rotations thing, plus I kinda don’t want to, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

reblogging account. – 06/27/18:

My other account that I put my reblogs on, plus my temporary spot for the stuff I’d like to put on my website, it’s PotassiumEXT. So there you go.

introduction to tumblr. – 06/26/18:

After some reblogs, I introduced myself to the world of Tumblr. If you are here, you either found me on Tumblr or you got redirected from my website (which I have not actually linked this to my website so yeah). I will probably transfer my original blog posts to Tumblr in the future.

hard drive malfunction. – 06/19/18:

So my (portable) hard drive malfunctioned and what happened was that I can still read & open the files, but I can’t create new files or edit any files on the hard drive, so I’m currently backing them up as I’m typing this. I’m still going to work on the Björk project, but only when I actually feel like it. Also since I can’t edit anything, I’m working on this on the Neocities website, rather than working it on Atom & uploading. I don’t know how to end this, so… yeah.

old (dot) björk (dot) com. – 06/17/18:

I’ve started a project where I’m restoring, or at least, attempting to restore Quick backstory: There used to be 2 websites, The Ultimate Intimate, made by 3 devoted fans & Websense, the official Björk website at the time. Both were running since at least 1997, and decided in late 2000 to unite and create the ultimate Björk website, Unity. Unity was up for about 1.5 years, and was the main website during the release & promotion of Vespertine. But it was shortlived, and was replaced by when Greatest Hits was released. This update lasted until Biophilia was released, which it was removed & switched to the domain The last time it was archived on the Wayback Machine, was July 3, 2013 and is currently not available on the Internet. My intent is to restore the website. There are a few sections I cannot restore, one of them is the About & About section, which wasn’t archived enough. In addition to restoring the site, I also intend to restore The Ultimate Intimate, Websense, Unity, the Björkish fansite, Shiny Battery & the Sugarcubes fansite, along with adding new information to & integrating the additional restored information.

I’m going to be taking another Neocities vacation to focus on this project, although I’ll still try to be focused on the community.

(Future Edit: Spoiler alert... that never happened.)

neocities vacation. – 06/13/18:

I’ve been taking a quick vacation from Neocities, because 1. I deserve to have a healthy break. 2. I’ve been uninspired. 3. I’ve been watching Drag Race, people making fun of Raini Rodriguez & Undertale runthroughs on YouTube. I’ve also been trying to come up with ideas for the website, and failing… so there’s that. I’m wondering if I should start actually talking to people on the Discord server, rather than just watching people talk hoping someone will actually notice I exist….. hmmm. Anyways, also I’ve been 4. Cutting on the time I’m on my computer at night, which is useless because I end up getting on my phone anyways & 5. I’ve been having personal health issues, and [redacted]. I’m not going to ramble on about my health, because… TMI. So, I’ll try to add more stuff if I feel like it.

me at midnight. – 06/03/18:

You know it’s late when [redacted info was here] I’m currently (as I’m typing this at 11:57 pm local time) blasting I Say, I Say, I Say by Erasure on constant repeat. Great album. I was probably going to say something immediate about it on the server but, um… social awkwardness. so… delirium. I’m a night owl, but unlike most night owls, I kinda go into a state of conscious delirium instead of being totally awake. I’m in this conscious delirium state as I’m typing this. I’m kind of chatting between me and 7 other people on Instagram & I want waffles. I got a drink spilled on me at First Watch today (I’m in the US visiting my grandparents with my mother for her birthday), and I think I went into shock. I’ve also just been in a constant state of perptual whowdaps. I don’t know what that word means, but it probably means wanting to go somewhere but then immediately wanting to leave once we get there. Also for some reason, I’ve had a weird fascination to read superhero/villian/antihero biographies on the Internet tonight. Odd. And my friend went to PrideFest & I was incredibly jealous. I WANT CORN FLAKES. (btw I made a page about here). God Andy Bell is hot…. this post is becoming weird now.(gets up and sings “I Could Fall In Love With You” by Erasure)

omg i want to sleep but i’m bored and i want food and i don’t want to. help me.

(music playing) LIKE A CHILD… LIKE A CHILD!!!!! (music playing)

has anyone noticed i’m almost at 10,000 views! that’s exciting.

omg treasure is an amazing song

i’ll probably go to bed now. gnight. (at 12:08 am)

Well it’s me at midnight I guess…

(Edit: I edited this blog post to both fit it onto the page I made for this & to redact info I felt was a bit too personal to put on the Internet, despite people probably knowing about if you are on the Neocities Discord server.)

(Future Edit: God this post is so embarrassing to look back onto.)

i h a t e t h i s e f f i n g a r c h i v i n g t h i n g a m i j i g y ! ! ! ! – 06/01/18:

As you’ve noticed, every site has an archiving option, but instead of Wayback Machine style archiving, it’s IPFS archiving. When I originally saw this, I was completely intimidated & generally ignored it. However, recently, since I’ve been actually establishing myself as a site on this platform for once, I wanted to have an ‘past versions of my site’ area on this wonderful purple landscape I call my website (ie. when gwta capy did that, except no one remembers that because it was like a year ago). If I actually saved all of my previous website designs, I probably would’ve succeeded, except I didn’t (with the exception of my very, very first design being archived by the Wayback Machine). So I attempted to do it the IPFS way. I tried installing it the pre-packaged way. That didn’t work. Oh well, time to ask Neocities!!

potassiummcr2: “quick question: how do you do the ipfs archiving thingy?? i’m trying to download ipfs onto my mac and it’s not working. i was going to try and archive some of my site updates for a possible future section on my site. however i don’t seem to think that’s going to work. this message is pretty much my last hope for this situation. so if you know how to do it, or know someone who knows how to do, email me at (also i’ve tried both the ipfs site & the neocities page on the ipfs archiving & neither have worked.)”

pyurk temperamental: “this function isn’t working from like over 2 (or more iirc) months and still this isn’t fixed and probably won’t be. i tried looking for [a] download option, but thats useless since archive files aren’t even opening.”

(btw thanks to them!)

So because I’m completely stubborn, I try downloading it again, this from the source, and it actually works, although it took 30 minutes. I will never get those 30 minutes back. Once I actually installed it, I tried every living way to install it. Didn’t (insert expletive here) work. Ughhhhh. Again email me or 'ping’ me, I guess if you know anything about how to do this properly.

deep, aching boredom. – 05/30/18:

I’ve moved, and I’m just completely bored out of my mind. But I also no longer feel the obsessive compulsion to update this site. I’ve gone back to organizing fake discographies. I kind of want some site ideas because I’ve reached a total road block with no idea of what to do. I’ve decided to just delete the web experiments page, and bring those 2 resource links to the front. But beside that, I don’t really know what to do. Today, I just sat around and ate ridiculous amounts of food and did nothing, except read creepypastas. It was depressing. Doing this brings me joy, but I need ideas.

All blog posts before this point have been deleted for the sake of my dignity. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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