this site started in september 2017 as a personal hobby that turned into more of a stress release from the monotony of life. around may 2018 it started to gain traction after changing the site design to a sleek and neutral design that showed my love for music and design. since then, it has gained 25,000+ views on neocities and is on the most followed page on the main site. i've since gone on to other hobbies, most notably photography & i officially stopped main production on the site in november 2018. i still update the site infrequently and i've mainly turned it into a landing page for my other projects, mainly my pizzicato five fan site.

[ links ]

september city — i'm really inspired by their site and it's probably the only site i frequently check on neocities
nekojiru — they have a geocities feel that i like visiting, yet they still are authentically modern
trapped — great aesthetic of the site, i like their taste
chameleon — 80's music fans gotta have each other's back, alright?
rainstorms in july — in case you have a lot of time on your hands
up all night — the materials used to build a time travelling device
elementz — i mean i don't really follow their site all that much but they're a cool person
hydrangea garden — underrated site that needs promotion
vivi fansite — stan loona cucks
girl & queer bands — lesbians/transgender are very powerful people. punk is a very powerful genre. connect the dots.
roach parade (previously bugland) — i don't like bugs, not sure many people do, but i guess they still need at least one supporter
like home — don't visit this site all that much, but another major and i mean M A J O R inspiration on me

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