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18 October 2018 / 5:36 PM

School's a bitch. I'm a bitch. Karma's a bitch. This website's a bitch. Everything's a bitch. But at least this blog is not dead, and not on Tumblr anyone...

I redesigned it to look like a notebook, and I tried to make the text match with the lines, but I was too lazy to even try, since I actually succeeded with the background, and I'm surprised that I did succeed with that... so...

School sucks and I'm both refusing and agreeing to do my work since I never turn it in on time, but I still do it, and my teachers are always nice enough to fully grade it, and I really need to fix this problem, and also for once I actually made friends when I moved to a new school and you can see the weird escapades I have on Twitter with them.

I went through some phases that I like to call 1. Tumblr obsessed 2. Cibo Matto obsessed & 3. LOONA obsessed (which I'm currently in at the moment and I'm living for it). HaSeul's my bias, even though there are 4 others up for competition, which in order of how competitive they are: JinSoul (who is my bias wrecker and who I sometimes switch HaSeul with sometimes, even though I always regret it), Olivia Hye, HeeJin & Chuu, and I still love all of them regardless.

I've also started to upload some PRIVATE videos to YouTube of me vlogging and utterly failing.

So that really covers everything that hasn't been explained in previous posts or what I comment on my Neocities wall, so yeah STAN LOONA & STREAM "LET ME IN" by OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JO HASEUL and have an ok day, I guess.

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