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oh baby baby i can't sleep

10 February 2019 / 9:09 AM

(cue music)

Life sucks. We all know this. But it particularly sucks when the 3 aspects of your life start to suck: your family life, your social life & your internal balance. (You could also include your professional work life in the mix, but that could pretty much fit into social or internal in my opinion.) Those have been rising & fluctuating rather quickly the last week...

Oh, also you know that feeling of when you fuck up like really badly, and you know that, and you try to backtrack, but you fail? Yeah, I've been experiencing that. A lot. Speaking of fuck ups, and the word "fuck", I'm probably to increase my use of profanity on here, and if you disagree? Well, fuck off. I'm tired & somewhat depressed, let me cuss.

Stan Pizzicato Five (visit the fansite even though I like barely acknowledge it) & LOONA (they are coming stan buy & stream XX for clear skin).

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