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Welcome to my website! I have re-designed it yet again. I've always kind of wanted to do the virtual estate that both Arkm's World & the official Prince website (back in 2004) have done. I've kind of wanted to do the same thing, but in my way. (Turns out that plan completely failed, so it's more of a metaphorical trip now.... heheheh.... this is way i can't commit to things.... ok continue on.) This is hopefully the final version of the site, at least for a little bit, because this version is the one I'm the most satisfied with. If you don't know who I am (I'm assuming you don't), my name is Oliver Robeson, and I'm a teenager from Manitoba. I'm autistic & bisexual, and because of that, I'm not particularily well favoured at school. I've always had a fascination with geography, as it's my favourite subject in school, with science & reading being close seconds. The one thing that's really important to me besides family & friends is music. I don't really hate any genre besides country, which I hate, but I don't listen to a lot of rap music, save a select couple of rappers. The genres I typically focus on are late 80's to early 00's alt dance & industrial (like Björk, Radiohead, Depeche Mode & Nine Inch Nails), mid 90's trip hop (Portishead, Cibo Matto & Massive Attack), or some pop singers like Madonna, Kylie Minogue & Janet Jackson. But there are also some artists that I love that don't really fit into any category like Ingrid Michaelson, Prince & Yoko Ono. My friends occasionally suggest music to me, like for example recently (the date I'm writing this is 11/19/17) my friend recommended Lorde's Melodrama to me, and I liked it a lot, so I bought it, and now it's in my collection. Before I go on, there is actually a blog post I have where I explain the origin of PotassiumMCR, and some details about me that might've gotten a bit overexplained. And to limit the overexplainations, here's a list of stuff I like:

Favorite Games

Clue (the 1995 electronic version, but the board game is fine)
Minecraft (don't judge me)

Favorite Music

There is literally an entire site I made devoted to my music tastes

Favorite Animes

Suggest me an anime here!

Favorite Foods

Poutine (because I'm CANADIAN!!)
Key Lime Pie
Sub Sandwiches

Favorite Books

Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus / Trials of Apollo
Harry Potter
Anything by John Green

Zodiac Stuff

Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Taurus
Rising Sign: Libra
Midheaven Sign: Cancer

Other Labels & Stuff

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

Contact Me

Escargot: potassiummcr@outlook.com (don't usually use)